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Concept of color


Everything you ever want to know about the color is indicating in the color wheel. It signifies the relationship of color with each other & present the Primary, Secondary & Complementary color. It is effectively an array of colors. Colors are interrelated in the color wheel.RYB is Primary Color because by mixing yellow & Blue, we get Green color.

Primary Colors

Red, Yellow & Blue. All the colors are obtained by mixing Primary Colors; also it absorbs light to display the colors..


All colors are obtained by mixing primary colors are termed as Secondary Colors. Eg- Violet, Orange, Green.

Analogous color (Related Color)

Analogous color or related colors are colors that are nearly like one another & close together on the color wheel, such colors schemes formulate unity. For eg- if yellow is taken as a main dominant color, then green, orange yellow, & light green are its related colors, because yellow is included in all of them.

Complementary Color

These are colors that are positioned opposite to each other in the color wheel. Thus for instance, Red & Green are complementary to each other .Similarly Yellow & Violet is another such pairs.

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